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Annual Meeting:  The URC Annual Meeting will be on Sunday, June 7, at Sunnyside Presbyterian Church, 2-4 p.m.

The United Religious Community (URC) of St. Joseph County will be holding its 43rd Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 7, 2015, from 2 to 4 p.m., at Sunnyside Presbyterian Church, 115 S. Frances, South Bend, Indiana.  Katie Lindberg, Director for the Center for Congregations Northwest, will be the featured presenter.  There is no charge for attendance, but interested parties are asked to:

RSVP via email (jpinter@urcsjc.org) or via Eventbrite, http://URCAnnualmeeting.eventbrite.com.

“The Center for Congregations is a great resource for large and small congregations in Indiana,” noted Rev. Brad Bohrer, URC Board Chair.  “The Center not only has access to lots of technical assistance, but also provides matching grants to help congregation succeed.”  In keeping with URC’s interfaith traditions, the Center for Congregations provides its help to faith community’s from all denominations and traditions.

Sunnyside Presbyterian Church, one of the original congregations that established the URC, is the host this year.  The meeting will occur in the church’s newly designed gathering space.  The URC will hold a short business meeting to elect new board members.

The URC is St. Joseph County’s interreligious organization, with membership from congregations all around the community.  Its mission it to promote interfaith dialogue, advocate for community change, and help people with basic needs.